Live Fan Report~ファンリポート

During the concert, Gotch spoke in English; He said that while we come from different countries, have different religions and practice different customs, we all have the same coloured blood and we all share one thing in common, and that is we all love music. Before the encore, he spoke in Japanese, thanking the fans for coming and for being a good crowd. If you're good at Japanese, you can read some more about it on the photo report linked below.

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シンクロ (SYNCHRO)
Man-Like Creatures
シンデレラソング (Cinderella Song)
From Noon Till Dawn
Melodic Storm

アジアン・カンフー・ジェネレーション/ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION

新世紀のラブソング (Shinseiki no Love Song)
ソラニン (Solanin)
君という花 (Kimi to iu Hana)
踵で愛を打ち鳴らせ (Kakato de Ai wo Uchinarase)
今を生きて (Ima wo Ikite)
リライト(+ジャム) (Rewrite with new jam)
ワールド ワールド ワールド (World World World)
新しい世界 (Atarashii Sekai)
En:遥か彼方 (Haruka Kanata)


The first time the bands have performed at the same gig was all the way back in March 28, 2003 in Osaka at 「Make Me Mad!!! 01」. Also at this performance was TELSTAR, Remioromen, and SUMMER RHYME.
The two bands met again a month later, this time at Shibuya for 「ELVIS Jr. Vol.6 ~JUMPIN’ ROCK FLASH」.

STRAIGHTENER was only a two piece band at that time.

The first ever NANO-MUGEN FES. was also in 2003. Held in Shinjuku LOFT in November, one of the first guests was ART-SCHOOL. ART-SCHOOL featured the likes of Hinatch - the now bassist of STRAIGHTENER (since 2004), and also Jun Ōyama - currently playing guitar for STRAIGHTENER (since 2008). The next month, NANO-MUGEN FES. was again held but in Yokohama CLUB24. Among the guests were you guessed it, STRAIGHTENER. Familiar face, TELSTAR, was also invited. STRAIGHTENER and AKG played many shows together around this time.

In 2004, NANO-MUGEN FES. moved to Nippon Budokan where again, STRAIGHTENER was a guest.

NANO-MUGEN FES. made the move to a more permanent home in 2005 - Yokohama Arena. Among the first guests were ELLEGARDEN (who also have their own connections with AKG and STRAIGHTENER), and STRAIGHTENER. 2005's festival also featured international guests for the first time. STRAIGHTENER has performed in every festival at the arena since then.

AKG shared the stage with STRAIGHTENER at NANO-MUGEN FES. 2009 when they performed Killer Tune. It was like a dream come true for many fans and indeed the bands, being able to perform together. This performance is embedded below:

Now in 2013, both bands are celebrating their 10th Anniversaries with each band also releasing their own "best of" compilations. Both bands have also have had 10th Anniversary performances with STRAIGHTENER going on tour, with a headlining performance at Nippon Budokan that featured a setlist of top songs. Likewise, AKG had a 10th Anniversary Live at Yokohama Stadium where they performed a Top 10 as voted by fans. On the second day of this concert, Shinpei and Atsushi of STRAIGHTENER were special guest performers. Regarding the anniversary each band, both Gotch of AKG and Horie Atsushi of STRAIGHTENER have written tribute comments for the other band.

It makes sense that both bands will be performing and touring Asia together on their 10th Anniversaries after a long history and close friendship with each other. Congratulations to both STRAIGHTENER and ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION!